Need we take my son when landing

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Subject: Need we take my son when landing
  Hi, friends,

We applied through New York two years ago. We are in Texas. Last month we got CIC letter requesting Passport to be mailed.

Two questions:

1. If we send the passport in April, how long will they give us to land? Somebody says we need to land within 2 months, somebody says within a year. Please confirm. I am doing a project in an Asian country, and it is difficult to leave within 3 months.

2. My son is 5 years old, and he was included in my application. He is an US citizen. Need my wife and I take him together with us when landing? The reason I ask is that my wife and I only plan stay a short time for the landing.

Thanks in Advance

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until you get instructions from CIC... landing window is a mystery. generally it is one year from medicals. if medicals are almost due they may offer an extension. really... until you see the letter, there is no clear way of knowing.
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Dear Friend,

Landing time depends on the expiry date of either your medicals or passports, whichever comes first.... If your medicals have expired and then if you have given some extra dates (extended medicals) then it will depend on how long the CIC have given to you... so better wait and see ...

...All your family members should enter the country with you but still better send a Fax to the CIC and get their confirmation...

Good luck

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