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my Temporary visa refused twice, while my PR is in process, will it effect on PR application?
I have provided the same details as i provided for my PR.
Will it effect my PR?

very Sad
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no. they are more concerned that you will try to wait out your PR process inside Canada. The problem they likely see is that should there be some reason that you are refused- getting you out of Canada is very difficult.

they really want to see clear, clear evidence that you will return home after your visit. a return plane ticket is not enough.

this does not affect your PR application.

the real Sharon
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I agree with Sharon. Giving up your life in another country in hopes that you will be given your PR status, is not the way they work. What they want, is that people continue with their regular lives as they wait.

Imagine the problems if people waiting hopefully for their PR status, and are denied while living in Canada. Imagine how many more ´illegals´ there would be that would slow the system down.

Return home, get back to work, set up house/apartment life, and wait. Then after a reasonable time..i´d say about 3-4 months, take another visit. Demonstrate that you have a life in your home country, and that you can return home. We were told to have at least 10K in the bank, a mortgage / rental agreement proof, and a letter of employment as proof that you will return to your home country as you are in process.

Just my thoughts of course.

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
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to very sad...

i am wondering if you got your IA yet and whats your timeline? did you apply for Pr recently? what was your status in canada up until now?

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No I havn´t got My IA yet,I have recently applied and I´m not in canada, I Belong to middle east and I´m here on Work visa.
very Sad

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