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Subject: mispelled surname
  Hi guys! I got my medical instructions from CIC London yesterday thru my Lawyer but I have noticed that CIC office has mispelled our Last name. I´m not sure whether to go ahead and do the medical and just inform them about the mistake later or wait till my lawyer send them an e-mail about it.Pls. advice.

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I´ll say to go ahead and do your medical. Update your correct surname to your doc and simultaneously let your lawyer know the situation. It happened to my case too. If you wait CIC to correct it, it´ll take another "who knows" what time period again. Good luck!
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It happened to me and I did my medicals and let the doctor know about it and also I contacted my lawyer and he sent a letter or e-mail to buffalo letting them know. I don´t think it would be a problem for you.
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go ahead no problem at all .it hapened to me also .but i did not change nor i informed any body
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