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Subject: SIN#
  I got my PPR last week, and have sent it by mail for stamping pusposes.

my Timeline is Applied Aug04,AOR Nov04,IA Apr05,Meds Jun05,PPR Mar06.

When I land, do I need to apply for SIN number, because I am not planning to move in the immediate time frame....may not for a while. What are the pros and cons of applying SIN or for health benefits right now as versus later when I actually move ???? Does it have any tax implications to have a SIN# and not be in Canada ?

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No, you can have a SIN and not be in Canada.

You have to be resident in Canada for 90days before your medical benefits begins.

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Rupesh, please post if you get your PP with viza back. Thank you.
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olga, I sent my passports on 3rd of this month, but I know people who have sent their passports on March 20th and havent received it back yet, so I am guessing I am going to have to wait a while.....
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I don´t think it really makes a difference when you apply for SIN and OHIP if you are not in the country. You have nothing to lose & nothing to gain by applying for both. However, If you´re in the country you might as well apply for it and have it all ready. It´ll take you a day to go to both offices and apply. No big deal.
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For OHIP you have to prove proof that you intend to remain in the province. Proof such as bank statement from a Bank in Canada, mailed to your address in Canada, a pay stub from an employer or a lease agreement. Only when you have on of these proof will request for health card be processed. If you are not moving to Canada permanently then you should not apply for the Health Card.

You can apply for SIN card when you first arrive, but you must have a Canadian address for mailing. It will take about a month to arrive.

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