Australian police clearance. How?

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Subject: Australian police clearance. How?
  I will appreciate if anybody can help me with this. It´s been over 10 years since I left Australia and I need police clearance. I now live in USA. Help me clarify the following:

1. I know the site but do not know which form to use since they are four types.
2. How do I send the fees more economically(with little research I learned that international money order is an option but I am not sure)?
3. How do I send the self-addressed postage paid envelope (I learned that there is something like international reply coupon from Canada, I am not sure about the US)?
4. Do I need to send the fingerprints? I learned that I don´t because according to the so-called "Spent Conviction Act" even if I send the fingerprints the record will not be there. Does anyone know about this?

Thanks to all in advance - B

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Can´t you get Australian poice clearance from an Australian embassy in the US?
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No they recommend a website of AFP, that´s it
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Instructions on how to obtain an Australian police certificate is available on the Canadian
Government Web site at To access the information, select
Visas and Immigration from the table of contents, then the caption Instructions on
obtaining police certificates and finally the link Australian Federal Police. Do not use the
attached letter. If you are aware of any convictions against you or any of your family
members, including drunk driving, provide written details when you submit your application for
permanent residence. If you currently have in your possession police certificates from
countries where you have previously lived you should submit those with your application.

Australian police clearance. How? (in reply to: Australian police clearance. How?)
I just not received Police certificate from Australia. What I did.
1) I looked for my old friend in Aus.. finally I got it.
2) I sent him 35 USD thru draft and all papers to him.
3) He made Australia´s draft of 36 AUD for me, sent my paper and self stamped envelope to the ACT office.
4) He received police certificate in 15 days..
5) He sent to me at my US address.

FYI, I didn´t go for Finger print Police certificate however I got name check one.

Hope this will help.

Australian police clearance. How? (in reply to: Australian police clearance. How?)
I wanted to say- I just now received Police Certificate from Australia. It´s easy and very fast.
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