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Subject: TO CATCH 22
  Hi Catch22,

I loved your landing experience. Hopefully I´ll be landing on
what I didn´t understand clearly was if they DO allow you to
come into Canada from USA by road as many time as you want, once they
stamped your passport as a PR. Or do you have to wait for your
card to do that ?. And beside, you didn´t import your cars at this
time? I mean, because I read in this forum that you have to hand the
title and do the importation process at this point eventhough the car is the "list of goods to follow".
Please clarify this for me.

Thank and the best of luck.

TO CABUCE (in reply to: TO CATCH 22)
I am happy that my landing experience was informatie as I can understand the stress because I had to go thriough the same.
To answer your questions
1. Yes you can enter Canada from USA only via Land as many time as required till you get yur PR card (6-8 weeks).Once you have PR card you can enter by air as well.The limitation of the stamping is you cannot use it to enter Canada from USA if you travel by air.

2.You dont have to have a clear title if you are not moving immediatly.What the offer told me is that once I move to canada (after 6 months) I should have a clear title and complete all formalities before I ship my cars otherwise I might have a problem importing I may be fined etc etc

Hope this help.Good luck to you too!!

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