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Subject: Docs Asked during IA
This Forum is of great help . I have a question:

My AOR date : August 25, 2005 and I have submitted my FBI and PCC from india along with my application.I am in usa after applying for canadian Immigration and didnt leave the country

My questions are:

1. Will CIC ask for my FBI and PCC again during IA

2. Will they ask for Bank statement if so for how many months

3. When can I expect IA


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There is no certain answer to your first question. They usually ask for it and sometimes not.
As for bank statment you can simply get an official Balance Certificate from your bank without any history in it.
Finally if you have Aug 2005 AOR, I think you should start checking your mailbox from late July.

infor n suggestion (in reply to: Docs Asked during IA)
i completed masters in hospital admn n i have 3 years exp as hospital admnistrator. i am interested to immigrate to canada n for that even i secured 7 bands ielts. how much time does it take to get immigration clearance after i apply for it. plz give ur valuable advice n suggestions for this, as i dont know anything about canada n i want to know about the future of me if i go there?
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