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  Does CIC stick to the stuff they intially gave during the AOR letter that the process will initiate after 36 weeks

I have an AOR date of Aug 15th 2005 and also have arranged employment which suppose to expedite the process(6-12mths), atleast thats what my lawyer Campbell COhen says(David Cohen is my lawyer..

Any Hints??

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Does arranged-employment really expedite the process ?? If I´m not very wrong, ans to your question is "I do not think so." Well, experienced applicants might give you more info...just wait to see what others say about it!
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CIC stuff don´t stick with any period of time,usually it takes longer than 36 weeks to get the AOR.

Arranged employment won´t speed up your application, the only advantage you are going to get is extra points, that´s all.

Don´t believe the lawyers, all what they want is your money...

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depends on the embassy.

the current average processing times in Paris are:

Family Class: 6 to 12 months

Economic Class:
Provincial nominees, Skilled Workers and Business applicants selected by the Quebec immigration authorities, Skilled Workers WITH CONFIRMED JOB OFFERS: 5 to 9 months

Federal Skilled Workers and Business applicants:

For applications received in 2002, 2003, 2004: 48 to 60 months
For applications received in 2005: 36 to 48 months
For applications received in 2006: 24 to 36 months

processing times can vary considerably depending on the following factors

how quickly required documents and information are provided

our internal security verification procedures

whether a selection interview is required

whether additional medical examinations are required

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Not true. While CIC doesn´t adhere to stipulated time periods, your arranged employment will have your application expedited once you have gotten HRSDC confirmation. That is the key to having your application on the fast track.

I applied on Feb 05 and still waiting for IA, while a person who applied in the same month with his HRSDC has already received his PPR. So good luck with your application Coolio your are fortunate.

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When I said not true, I was referring to Anonymous´ response, not Sharon´s.

She posted a few seconds before I did. lol

And as she said, it depends on where you applied.

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Hi Sharon,

Thank you for your posting. From your email, I gather that you work for CIC Paris. I have an interview their (for Quebec, not Federal). I am very worried about it. Can you give me some idea as to what will be asked at the interview?



Ray Masa
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