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Subject: Turkey is great ..
better than canada! you xxxxx !!!
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is that lily dale???
departure bay
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Turkishamn you are f** looser..because of your big mounth i have to research on ur coountry..nd I found that you guys are really big loosers...

~~~~~~~So guys here is history of turkey~~~~~~~~

In the European space, France, after Germany, constitutes the second major destination for the migrants coming from Turkey with a population of about three hundred and fifty thousands. The aim of this paper is, first, to outline the perceptual aspects of the presence of young people between 15 and 24 years old who are not immigrants themselves but were either born in the country to which their parents migrated, or arrived at an early age together with or after their parents through the following main questions : - What does the country of origin represent for these young people? - Which images does Turkey have about them? - How does France see them? - What does France as well as French people represent for them? - How do they feel themselves? According to I. Taboada-Leonetti, the identity is essentially a sentiment of being through which an individual feels that he or she has a self which is different from the others. Thus, it is through this last question that I shall subsequently conclude with an essay of typology of identities that I could observe among these young people. The empirical data through which the above issues will be tackled come from the field work conducted with 125 young people living in Paris and its suburbs....

YOu can see this whole Research on...


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I hope after f***ed by James so terribly, Turkishman wont be back!!

Great work James :))

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Is it the fools day today ??

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