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Subject: help-caips notes
  I got CAIPS notes after the IA and this is what is says:

PSDEC 1, 27-02-2006
BDEC 14-04-2005 (is it normal to have the background check done before IA, or this is when it istarted?)
SELDEC 4, 27-02-2006, VH
SECDEC 14-04-2005 EDR (is this when it started or it is done?)
BF´D to 4MD on 28-05-2006
VISA 27-02-2007 (did they already set a date for visa?)

I already did my medicals in March and during the IA they didn´t ask for any other documents, fees (they are all paid). Can I expect to get the PPR in June?



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PSDEC 1 - You passed paper screening decision at this date
BDEC - Pending, started on this date but no decision yet
OREQ - also pending no decision yet
SELDEC 4 - you passed selection decision and got waived at this date by an immigration officer with initials VH, IA is allowed to be released (nice)
MEDDEC 0 - Visa office has not yet recieved the medical decision from the head DMP doctor when you ordered this CAIPS
FINDEC 0 - no final decision yet (of course)
SECDEC - pending decision, started security check at this date by a guy whose initials is EDR
BF´D - your file will be checked again on this date, 3 months after IA.
VISA - they set a date when your supposed to be visa will nearly expire and they should inform you at this date

Bottom line is, your security decision is the one hindering your background decision and thus your final decision. Did you previously live in a lot of countries and are some of these middle eastern or India, Pakistan, China, Chechnya, North Korea or Africa? PPR will depend on how other governments will release info on your security or criminality check.

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You´re the greatest guy ever. Can´t imagine how smart you are. To keep everything in mind you have to be a genius, no kidding. Like to track your advices, trully.

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nah, I just asked a lot of questions with my lawyers before and that´s what I´m sharing. I also asked a lot of people here too for some info, remember?
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Hi boloxis.
Thanks a lot!!!
Other than my home country (romania) and canada, none.
I completed my medicals 3 weeks ago so now I´m just waiting.

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