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Subject: Ielts is compulsory...
  hey guys,

I have a question;-

CIC has gaven me a letter to give IELTS but my points are too good that i dont want to give IELTS as i have HRSDC approval also.

SO guys my question is if i dont give IELTS then how much marks they will give it to me..8 or less points..plz share..

My AOR is dec2005
IELTS request march2006 guyss

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Sim, even if you have perfect scores on 5 out of 6 selection factors, you still have to prove you are proficient in 1 of the 2 official languages. From your post above I can say that the official language in your native country is not English right, so SOP have to ask for proof of your English proficiency. You should have provided a "Proof of English Proficiency Letter" in your application together with copies of your HRDC approval if you intend not to take the exams.
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hey boloxis,

I wrote a letter that i am good in english and i did my pg from canada then still they asked for proffiecency.

so what should i do buddy.

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If you can show that you studied at a English college or University all you have to do is write a letter and show why you should be exempted especially if you are an English major. LOL

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If they ask for IELTS, then you have no choice but to provide.
Do you have any choice ?
Take it or ...

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I have applied for Canadian immigration and submitted my docs last month, September 2008 . I am the main applicant and a single mother. I have given IELTS exam 3 times and not able to get 7 all at 1 time. The first time was 7 in writing, 2nd time 7 in listening and 3rd time 7.5 in speaking. I am not able to get 7 in all at 1 time. My migration company says i must get 7 in all at 1 time. I have now registered IELTS for the 4th time. I gave the first exam in 2007, 2nd in September 2008 and 3rd also in September 2008,
My immigration company says my case will get refused if i don´t get 7 all at 1 time. Is that right? If yes what would be the other solution?


Shazia Imtiaz
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to be honest, right now I would not apply at all. There are rule changes in the works that may affect how you choose to apply. until the rules are published, all new applications (since Feb 08) are on hold.

hold off applying and study your english. the total score is factored but I am not sure what your migration company is talking about in terms of ?ll at one time´. how many points do you need in language to get your 67?

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I have the same question, how many points do you currently have (without IELTS)? That would tell you how many points you need in IELTS in order to get 67.

If you haven´t done the self assessment on the CIC website, you should:


Ray Masa
hi Shazia imtiaz (in reply to: Ielts is compulsory...)
Hi shazia , imtiaz,

Dont worry about refuse ,they only will gives you less points .No thing else. your overall points if ok .

amjad from uk

amjad from uk
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Aslam o alalikum,
dear can any one guide me.. that degree in english can provide the english proficiency for canadian immigration for a person, his native country is not english speaking....
i heared that the given letter by university regarding ´degree in english can fullfil the requirement of canadian immigration´ i mean no need to give IELTS... is it true...?


Ali Murtaza Solangi

Ali Murtaza
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