Interview After Waiver + Medicals!

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Subject: Interview After Waiver + Medicals!
Hello everyone...

I got an interview letter just when I was expecting my PPR. Here´s my timeline:

Filed: July 2004
AOR: Aug 2004
I.A: March 2005 (Interview waiver + Medicals)
Medicals Submitted: April 2005
March 2006: Letter received for interiew and that file has been placed in interview queue.

Please somebody help me..and let me know..if you have any idea why they are calling me?

Or when they will give me an interview date?

Or any info of someone you know who has been called for an interview after medicals and interview waiver...

Thank you

'Lil Kitty
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you definitely should order CAIPS
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Most people will have an inkling of why they are being called for an interview - if they´ve lived in several countries, or if they´ve made a mistake on their application etc. etc. Can you think of anything? Like Boloxis mentioned, order your CAIPS. I´m sure this is just a security interview, so it has to do with something you mentioned in your background info form. But that´s just me.

No idea on when you might get interview date.

probably security checks (in reply to: Interview After Waiver + Medicals!)

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After the IA interview is called security interview, its usually take place because the agency conducting the security check needs more information about you!!

P.s. security interview has nothing to do with the selection interview

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Kitty, where did you apply?
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Thank u very much everybody for all ur help...

I applied from CIC Buffalo ...

I had ordered my CAIPS in Feb..and on it everything was on Feb said FILE RFV to Officer..which means Ready for Visa based on what the CAIPS office interpreted for me...I don´t know why suddenly they have calledme for an interview..without telling me when..except that my file is under interview queue...

Does anyone know how long this queue is..I am so worried and depressed...

I have ordered my CAIPS again..yesterday....but won´t get it till next month..

\\\'Lil Kitty
Interview and background cheks (in reply to: Interview After Waiver + Medicals!)
Hi Guys, Can you tell if there is background check for some one lived only in India and about to face the interview.
Interview (in reply to: Interview After Waiver + Medicals!)
I went for an interview on march 12 and i was told by the immigration officer to come back on the 10th april for my visa.
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