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Subject: CAIPS
  "copy of work permit valid to 20feb 08. tossed"

My post-graduated work permit is valid until that date.
There is this line in my CAIPS.

what does "tossed" mean?

I could not find they add my work permit units into total units.

PSDEC 1 19-01-2006
BDEC 1 24-06-2005


NO IA yet!!!!

departure bay
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have no idea what "tossed" means dude, one thing I´m sure of is that your SELDEC should already be done by now. I think they cannot make a decision on a big chunk of your points from 3 of the 6 selction factors, your work experience, arranged employment and adaptability. Maybe you have less than 4 years work experience or they cannot verify one of your work experience. I told you try to gain some more points quickly or you may be refused now because of lack of points and then you have to start all over again.
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They are just waiting for your language scores to come in and then you´ll have the required points. Also, considering your SECDEC & OREQ are 1 that´s GREAT news. Usually after IA & meds SECDEC takes the longest to turn 1. So this is good news.
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yep, I have less than 3 years experience, however, I currently work full-time at Shaw, and it´s union job too.
don´t know why they never contact my employer

departure bay
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I live in Canada since I past the legal drinking age, never came back to my home country. I guess that´s why it´s pretty to determine my background check. just check one year after turns 18, and then all others stuff are
in Canada

departure bay
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