Anyone transferred to LA?

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Subject: Anyone transferred to LA?
  Hi There,

I am at present on H1B in USA and have applied for Canadian PR Card. I have applied for the PR Card through a agency. My score, although I dont remember right now, was good enough ( I think above 78). I was asked to appear for IELTS. Which I passed and secured average 7.5 and above 7 in all sections. My case has been sent to LA consulate from Buffelo.

Is that a good sign? Has any one faced similar situation?

Please advice

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From what I understand, Buffalo forwards apps to ´expedite´ the process... on the other hand, (sorry to be the bearer of bad news), but from what I have read, LA is the slowest office in the USA.

Lets hope that LA does a turn around and gets a better report in their ´expediting´ process.

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There are alot of persons transferred to LA. when were you transferred?

I was transferred to LA in feb. 2006. As Cheri said the transfers are only to share the load off of Buffalo. LA has been sluggish, if not the slowest but last I saw persons getting transferred there in Feb. 2006 has now started getting their IAs. So just wait and watch.

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LA and Detroit are the sloooooooooowwwwwwwweeeeeeesssssstttt
offices. Sometimes i feel like i´m going mad just waitng. i never used to check my mailbox everyday!! Now, it´s become an obsession. Not to mention coming on these forums to see what´s going on with everbody else. You´d think i have no life besides CIC..but i do have another full time job.

Anyways, my estimate for LA: IA after 7.5-9 weeks from Xfer letter.

AOR May 2005
Xfer to LA March 6th 2006

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Thanks a ton guys. One thing good that I am not all alone. and one thing bad thats its not goanna help me.


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