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Subject: need Help from Boloxies - pls
Applied for the immigration, its almost 13 month. so now im expecting for IA.
But my problem is when I applied I signetured my name in English but in my passport in signe in my local language. That mean my passport and my application signature is different.
Do u think that will be a problem for me. If it is then how im able to solve it,
Please help me. thanks

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suvo, in your application, you should have passed the form called "Full Name in Native Language Form" its an appendix of the IMM0008 form (Part A, Section 1C), look for a softcopy of its blank form in the local CIC website of your native country. Have it notarized if you will send it now as an update of your application.

From what I heard, this form is only optional on visa offices that has English or western alphabet as the country´s official language (Australia, Mexico, Manila) The problem is if your native country does not use western alphabet but you applied in US. I heard this form speeds up a lot of background check times for those countries where western alphabet is not the official writing.

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Hi Bloxis,
Thanks for your replay. But problem is may be im not able to explain what is my problem. thats why i like to explain one more again.
Yes in the application form there is a gap which i have to file in my native lanuage. But my prolem is some thing differece that i signed in the application form( at the end where you have to prove it that is you) in English( signe means like that to signe in the back of creid care). but in the passport there is signe in my native lanuage.
thats make me worried. so if you pls help me to over come this then i will be great full to you.

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ok, as long as your...

native name in Schedule 1 form = native name in passport = native name in docs AND
English name in application forms = English name in passport = English name in docs

you are ok.

they would not care differences in your signature unless its readable in a different names in both English and your native language.

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HI Boloxis,
Thanks again. Now i realy feel good.
thanks again

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