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Subject: no news
  hi to every one in this group
i m fed up in waiting waiting waiting ?????????????
no news from chc new delhi
my time line is as follows
applied in april 2002 got file no in may 2002 as skilled worker from new delhi chc.
how long more i have to wait or should i keep kool more . but its frustrating lot lot lot

thanking in advance

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harpal, new delhi time frame last year up to IA is 45 months fastest, 62 months max, may change this year. We know how frustrating it is.
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hi harpal

my timeline
applied june 2000
processing started july 2000
interview august 2005
medicals jan2006
ppr still waiting

so it took around 60 months to get interview call so be cool

thanks (in reply to: no news)
thanks for ur replies specially to booxis and gursharan
at least u spared some time to reply me from ur busu schedule

thanks once again for sharing ur time line gursharan bhaji

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