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Subject: piont calculation (worl skill class)
  Hi, i have some questions about application for Canada PR.

* I am from vietnam but now i am working in canada right now. I have studied in canada since June 2004. I graduated two-year diploma in Business Administration majoring in Accounting in canada since December 31, 2004. I did change my study permit to work permit. I got my work permit and work since April 24, 2004. recently i am still working in canada. My question is if i apply for skill classs category where is the best location i will apply for? is it possible I can apply within Canada if yes where? If not where is the best place for me to send to ?

* the second question is do I count my points correctly ????
- Factor 1: Education: I have two-year diploma (full-time) in Business Administration majoring in accounting at SAIT( Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). so I count for myself 20 points
- Factor 2: Language ability: i have took the exam provided by organization. Still waiting the result.
- Factor 3: Work Experience. I will have one year experince (in my study field) after April 24, 2006. so I count for me 15 points (after 24, 2006)
- Factor 4: Age . i am 25 now so i count 10 points
- Factor 5: Arranged employment. well i applied work permit by myself but of course have my employer contract . not sure i get any points. but now i count for 0 points.
- Factor 6: Adaptability. I studied at a post-secondary institution in Canada for two years on a full-time basis with a valid study permit. And also I completed a minimum of one year of full-time work in Canada on a valid work permit (after April 24, 2006). so i think this one i got 10 points

*the third question is if i assume i have 12 pionts of language scroe. so I add it up is 67 mark. so is it enought to apply for immigration or it is good idea to have over 67?

* the fourth question is I do not understand about " Arranged employment". could anyone explaint more detail. I got my work permit by myself with a letter from my employer.

I am really appreciated that answer my questions.

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1. I just noticed now, most FSW applications in-Canada are done at Buffalo. Other guys in here should answer this.
Next - You said you studied in Canada since Jun 2004, you graduated from a 2 year diploma on Dec 2004 but you started working on Apr 2004, dude the swimsuit calendar in your wall is 2 years old now, I strongly suggest you buy a new one.

2. F1: yes, 20
F2: from your post, your IELTS writing category might be below band 7.0 so you might get a 15 points max total but realistically 8
F3: Please use this planet´s calendar, then your work experience must be full-time for 1 year to be awarded with 15 points
F4: 25 years old, yes 10 points
F5: must be HRSDC approved arranged employment at the time of application, 10 if not 0
F6: 2 years of Canadian diploma - 5 points plus claimed 1 year of full-time Canadian work exp - 5 points plus 5 points if you had the arranged employment - 5 points again

3. each band score in IELTS can only be awarded with points 4, 2, 1 or 0. barely hanging 67 in your own scoring opinion is not good, try to gain more points

4. I heard this should always be HRSDC approved or under NAFTA, so if its not - 0 points.

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oops i did it again...hahahaha oops. sorry for my typo.lol what am i tyoing ....sorry day dreaming. " it should be June 2002 , december 2004 and april 2005"

THnak you for your answer boloxis

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