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Subject: Interview in L.A
Has anyone recently faced an interview in L.A ? Please share your experience and time line.
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When is your interview, and do you know why they have called you for interview?
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I have been called for an interview at buffalo...

no date given...except interview queue...does urs specify why they have called u?

Lil 'Kitty
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I received my CAIPS notes. These are the details:
Application received :17-05-2004
IMM 1017S Requested :25-01-2005
IMMCAT: SW1 Interview 10-05-2006
I can?t find why they have called me for an interview. The score on I.A shows a total 0f 71 points no break down .Can someone please help me where to look in CAIPS notes " reason for interview

I have given all information correctly and also mentioned i have had a divorce and have a issue who is an adult now. But have no contact with them for last 15yrs, as they live in another country. I have two children now and all this is mentioned as i filled my application and i have been living in U.S for the last five years.Recently got my FBI clearance and PCC from India which i will take with me on the date of interview .The only thing i can?t figure out what is the reason for my interview.

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Did you include your divorce papers in your application?. Please note that CIC usually asks for ALL family info wether or not they are accompanying you to Canada. Did you also mention to them that you have had no contact with your ex-wife and adult child in 15 years? Because other wise, they would have expected you to include their demographic info in the application, eg. address, age, marital status etc. This is only a guess, but i suspect that this could be one of the reasons for an interview.
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yes i did attach a divorce paper and an affidavit.I mentioned i have had no contact for the last 15 years and mentioned they were living in some other country.The child is now an adult over 18yrs.

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I don´t know then. Well, just go and tell the truth, you should be okay.Take all documents with you
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you notice that your SELDEC is still 0 right so its got something to do with your background check that is somehow tied up to 1 of your 6 selection factors. Divorce is not related to the 6 selection factors unless you are claiming points from educational background of your current wife or other relatives in Canada. It can only be about your work experience, language, education, age (maybe you went over 49 after IA or you are too old for your NOC category), arranged employment and adaptability.
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although we view our children reaching adulthood at age 18, CIC does not. A dependent child according to CIC is one who is single and under the age of 22.

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