To Departure Bay reg Post Graduate Work Permit

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Subject: To Departure Bay reg Post Graduate Work Permit
  I am an in-canada SW applicant with Time lines:
Applied : Nov 04, AOR Feb 05, IA Dec 05, Medicals Jan 06.
I have completed my PG course in one year, even though the official time is ywo years. So I have study permit valid till Aug 2006. What I want to know is how to go about getting a PG Study permit. I working for 30 hrs as a Research Assistant in a Univ. Dept and they have said that they are prepared to give me any kind of letter which can help me apply for the Work Permit. Primarily I am looking to extend my legal stay in the even of PPR not being received before Aug 06. Look forward to your replies as as well as suggestions from anyone who has a PG work permit.

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Cedy, if you have graduated from a university that is not in the GTA including Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, you are allowed to apply for a work valid for up to 2 years from the date of your graduation. Just ask your supervisor to write a letter on the university letterhead paper stating that they would like to hire you for two years starting on "so and so date" and ending in 2 years on "so and so date". The job must be related to your field of study and it should say that in your work contract.

In the letter they must include how much the job pays, how many hours per week you work, what you have to do, any medical benefits they give you and so on. Since you probably hold a student permit now, you just have to get the "Application to change my status in Canada" and send your application to Vegreville, AB. You will have to send them your official transcript, a letter from the university stating that you have graduated. You should have you work permit in about 45 days or so from the day they receive it.

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Joy, Thanks. Hope there is someone else too on this forum who can validate what Joy has written. And Departure Bay, where are you? I know that you have Post Graduate Work Permit. What was the procedure that you adopted?
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