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Subject: For boloxis from Lil' Kitty
I started a thread called:

Interview After Waiver + Medicals!

U asked me a question and I posted it there..please have a look when u get the time..and tell me what u think..
thank u so much..

PS: Have u gotten ur PPR? or are u waiting too?

´lil Kitty

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Lil Kitty
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Kitty, don´t panic ok because you´re making me panic too, we have very similar timeframes.

Ok look at your Feb CAIPS, did any category on it (which ends in ***DEC or OREQ) has no number beside it or has the number 0? better yet type in here what your CAIPS actually say, just no names or your personal file # ok.

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oki here it is:

PSDEC: 1 23-03-2005
BDEC: BLANK 22-04-2005
SEL DEC: 4 23-03-2005

I know my medical is fine..cause it has another page where its mentioned medical stage: M01 so it has been done not updated thats all

Thats all I can see in my the last date i told u...

FILE RFV to Officer: Feb 14 2006 under the case status

what do u think?


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paper screening: pass
Background check: pending
other requirements: pending
selection decision: waived
medical decision: M01 which means perfect but why not updated for almost a year? (strange)
final decision: pending
I´m not sure if RFV really means "Ready for Visa"
take note that you don´t have SDEC - security decision or CDEC criminality decision data showing on your CAIPS so user might have hidden it for interview purposes (that´s just a maybe ok)

ok let´s analyze
T-11 is PSDEC
T-12 is SELDEC
T-13 is BDEC, OREQ, SDEC, MEDDEC, and FDEC all together in 1 stage
MEDDEC is fine so it could only be BDEC, OREQ or SDEC that took them almost a year to verify, since they asked you for an interview exactly on the 1st anniversary of your IA that MAY mean that 1 of your documents did not check out or they found no way of verifying.
Try to think what is wrong with one of your docs or did your previous school closed? your previous company closed? Your offshore bank closed (hope not)? You have family or ex-BF who got arrested? You had uncompleted divorce? abandoned children? pending court cases?

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valid I-94 for re-entry to USA from Canada or Mexico
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madhuri are you suggesting that´s what RFV means?
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Medical decision gets updated (even in M01 case) only then Background checking is complete (and for BChecking time line can vary from 1 month to sevaral years).
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Thanks a lot guys for all ur responses...

I really appreciate it...

Boloxis...with reference to RFV...meaning Ready for Visa..this is based on the caips notes...I got

I had an interpretation done from them...and thats how I know...they also felt my file had no concerns...

I can´t think of anything that may be wrong with any of my see I went through a lawyer..and everything was double checked...before he submitted it...and I have gone through everything too...

Madhuri ...u mentioned...valid I-94 for re-entry to U.S.A from Canada or Mexico..well I am in the yes I do have a valid I-94...though how that is a concern for them does´nt make sense...I am on an H-1....and they know that...I have updated all my address changes with they always know what´s happening..

Lil \\\'Kitty
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