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Subject: Received PP
  I got the PP today from Buffalo with a IM1 immigrant visa till 30 may 2006. I want to know what all documents i need to take to land.
I want to land in Canada and comeback to the US to complete an assignment which ends in September 2006. How much money do i need to take. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Can i go to Windsor and come back? Can i just give the toronto address of a friend to receive the PR card? Do i have to apply for a SIN card or can i apply it when i go there permanently later this year? Thanks.

Early 2006
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Hi Early 2006!
Hope you recieve all info you need from guys here.
Haven´t got this experience yet, sorry can´t help.
But may be you can post your timelines with dates of sending PP and when it reached Buffalo. Some of us here including me would appreciate that a lot because we still waiting for the return of our PP.
Thank you in advance for your time and help.
Good luck with landing!

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Yes, "Early 2006", please post your outbound mailing date, buffalo receive date, stamping date and buffalo mailing date of the PP.

Also to answer your questions, I havent landed yet, but from what I understand it is ok to carry bank statements instead of currency/travellers check since it is a convertible currency, and the amount ahould be stated on the CIC website depending on your family size, i think it is like 10000 something for one person, 12000 for 2 and so on.....

SIN card application is right by the customs office in buffalo, not sure about windsor, but if you do apply, you can get it within months time just like your pr card, and you can start working the next day you finally move to canada.

please do post your PP timelines for my benefit and others in the forum.

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