Taxes after getting PR Card

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Subject: Taxes after getting PR Card
  Hi Guys,

I have another quick question.

I am on H1B in USA. After I get my PR Card, and I think I will receive it in a ew days from now, do I have to pay taxes in Canada? Or do I pay taxes only once I start staying at Canada.

Also when I get PR Card do I get some time before I land in Canada?

Please advice

I would think (in reply to: Taxes after getting PR Card)
I would think you only pay taxes when you start earning salary in Canada ...

I think the time after you get your PR card depends on the expiration of the medicals ... and the expiration of your passport ...


Jowsie Texan
(in reply to: Taxes after getting PR Card)
as far as I know, Canada is taxing your earnings whether you earned them in Canada or not. This rule applied to citizen as far as I know. But, I am not sure about the PRs.


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