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Subject: Application processing times
Any idea how long does it take for the process after the file # is received? What are the various stages? I have applied from Buffalo
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not enough information...

skilled worker class?
family class? if so, spouse, parents, child?

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All this inf is on the cic website, please refer it.


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Skilled worker class, parents 2 children
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Well, I´m no expert, but I can tell you a bit of what I´ve gleaned.

For a SW class visa processed through Buffalo, there seems to be about a year or so wait period from getting your file number (AOR - acknowledgement of receipt) and hearing the next step, which is usually either that your case has been transferred to another office or your IA (initial assessment). After that, the timeline really depends on how much more info they want, whether or not you need to go to an interview, how long it takes you to get your medicals done, etc.

I don´t know how having a family changes things... but I hope this gives you a slightly better idea what to expect. It´s a LONG waiting game, but I´m still convinced that it´ll be worth it.


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