Cheaper Universities in Canada ??

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Subject: Cheaper Universities in Canada ??
Hi I want know about any Universities in Canada where fees for international students are less and one can apply for PG work permit after the course, Can I get PG work permit if I study in some community college etc,

I have applied at Buffalo under SW category in Dec 2006, AOR Jan 06

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then go to some trade college, like learn how to be a truck driver
departure bay
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Well, usually non residents and non citizens will have to pay more for tuition, so I don´t think there are cheapper universities or colleges for these kind of people.
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Become a nurse or an ultrasound tech or something in the medical field. You can go to a 3 yr college to get the degree, its cheaper than a university, and you´re pretty much garenteed to get a job when you come out b/c of the huge shortages-- that pays 50k a year at the minimum. Or you can work in the states if you want to under the TN visa arrangement.

The stuff about the work permit is on the Canada immigration website


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