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  Hello everyone,
Just to keep everyone updated with my file and timeline so you can maybe figure yours out too.

I sent application for Fed SW to Buffalo in Dec. 2004.
I received AOR with date Mar. 15, 2005.
I received a transfer letter from Buffalo to Detroit on Jan. 17, 2006.
I received a letter from Detroit on Feb. 17, 2006 requesting more information (proof of common-law relationship).
I received on April 3, 2006 my Initial Assessment.
Interview Waived.
Forms to do medicals.
Request for current funds (they did not specify any period like 3 to 6 months - just current bank balances).
Request for police certificate from Mexico (we lived there for a year).
I find it impossible to get the police certificate for Mexico and I called Detroit and the immigration officer who answered the phone was very kind. I explained to him all I did to try to obtain the police certificate and he suggested I email the Canadian Consulate in Mexico City for some suggestions. I emailed them but haven´t received a response as of yet. If anyone knows how to get a police certificate from Mexico...please help me out! Thanks and good luck to everyone else!

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Congrats on your IA!!! You are in your way to Canada!
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Congratulations and best of luck, Menino. Your timeline is similar to mine. I assume you´ve already paid the RPRF. They asked for mine in the IA letter, along with recent statement of assets.
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