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Subject: Police Certificate from MEXICO
  Does anyone know how to get a police certificate from Mexico?
I do not currently live in Mexico but in the past lived there for one year. The consulate is now asking me to get a police certificate from Mexico. I´ve tried and tried but to no avail. Any information is truly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Menino
I´m from Mexico aswell, and there´s another forum where I´ve been in touch with this couple, one of them is from the states and the other one is from Mexico, when they were asked to submit the PCC from Mexico, the lady from Mexico asked her mother (who lives in Mexico) to request the PCC in their behalf and mail it to them at the states. May be you guys can do the same? I don´t know if this somehow helps you, I do hope it does. Good luck.

Hi Javier,
Yes, we sent in a copy of the police certificate with the translation. When we started the whole process, my partner´s mom requested the police certificates then mailed them to us. Looking back, it is ok to send in copies for most items. The only originals they requested were for the FBI and police certificates. I think they also requested an original bank statment showing proof of funds. However, I don´t think you need to show proof of funds since you are already working in Canada

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The second paragraph is the copy of her reply, I didn´t mean to post it, but it will give you an idea of what they did anyways.

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Gracias por haberme contestado.
El problema es que no se ni siquiera donde solicitarlo!!!
Tampoco no tengo a nadie en Mexico que me haga el tramite.
Que dificil!
Si tienes informacion mas concreta esta siempre muy agredecida.
Gracias y feliz pascua.

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Este es el indicado, encontre lo primero en la pagina de la embajada y lo otro en una liga de la PGR, dejame saber si tuviste suerte porque tal vez yo necesite hacer el tramite en algun momento.

Direcci?n General de Procedimientos Penales
Attn: Lic. Aaron Hirsch Klieman
Director General de Control de Procedimientos Penales
Fernando de Alba e Ixtlixochitl 185, 4o Piso
Col. Transito
06300, M?xico D. F.

Tels: 5346 1367 y 5346 1368
Fax: 5346 1484
Email: dgcppf@pgr.gob.mx


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Gracias Javier,

Intentar? ponerme en contacto con ese departamento.
Es que no hallaba los tel?fonos ni el email de ?l, s?lo la direcci?n atrav?s de la p?gina de CIC.

No me atrev?a mandar una carta por correo tradicional porque sabes que nunca me contestar?an.

Gracias y te dejo saber.

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I am in the same boat. I don´t know what to do
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el nombrereal es Aaron Kirsh Klieman y si ustedes reunen los requisitos que pide la pgr les dan la carta de antecedentes yo ya lo logre despues de muchos esfuersos
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