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Subject: For Roy (Help on BG Check)
  Hello Roy,

If you can please help on the following:

My timeline is as following:

Applied: Buffalo CIC.

App: Feb 2004
IA: Sept 2004 : Interview Waived; Meds Requested; RPRF Requested;
Meds Submitted: Nov 2004
Other Docs and RPRF Submitted: Dec 2004

Then I heard nothing - I asked by email the status on file and was told the case is in BG Check.

Since then I have asked on 2 other occassion and same answer. It is now about 1.5 Yrs since medicals and no answer.

Now I have checked several sites and all are vague on how much time it may take and what it includes and when the BG begins.

Do you have any idea on:

1. How long it will take
2. When does it begin? (After IA or After Medicals?)
3. What is included in BG Checks? I mean why it is taking so long? I have submitted the FBI Record and Police Clearance from Home Country as asked.
4. Can you write up some place? I mean in the US if the case takes too long you can write to the program manager to look into the matter.


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Where is your home country?
If yours is among the mid-east asian blocks,
then it may take forever.

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I think it means the BackGround Check and it usually takes a longer time if it is in South Asian Countries (if you were there atleast more than 5 years). For more accurate answers - you could ask for your CAIPS note.

Good Luck !

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Just wait a little longer, I believe it´s almost done for you. It´s very difficult to say what CIC checks as the background info, but takes from 1 month to several years (absolutely unpredictable). One thing is for sure- you should order the CAIPS, it might clarify your situation.
We have similar timeline-
Applied in oct. 2003
Meds sept. 2004
Had a very long backgroung checking (was asknowledged in several e-mail responces).
Got passport request 20 days ago.

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