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Subject: The Canadian citizenship Test
  Dear Anonymous and all,
Thank you for the web site you have given me yesterday,but do you know anything about the citizenship test mentioned in the website,it is the first time i hear about it,is it obligatory?if so in what stage of the immigration process is it due?and how shall we prepare for it?

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This immigration process if for becoming a "Permenant Resident" which is different from being a citizen, so no citizenship test is needed during the immigration process.

You do not become eligible to apply for citizenship until 3 yrs of living in Canada after getting the PR, or some other calculation if you were already in canada at the time of applying for PR. and when you apply for the citizenship, then you can start preparing for the test....

citizenship test resualt (in reply to: The Canadian citizenship Test)

citizenship test resault (in reply to: The Canadian citizenship Test)

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A good resource for those of you applying for citizenship in Canada..

There´s a free Canadian citizenship practice test that you can take online over at:

Dave Jones
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