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Subject: To candice,about IELTS
  Dear Candice,
How are you,wish you are doing great.
I had alook at your perfect IELTS results.
I am a water network planning engineer but i have been giving English and TOEFL private lessons for almost 5 years.
Although most of my students get their high scores in TOEFL test i am still afraid of setting for the IELTS test.
I bought a book to practise the tests.
But can you give me some advice specially for the reading part so that i don´t run out of time.
I am perfect in grammar and writing,listening is good also but i am afraid of the time limitations.
Thank you very much dear.

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if you scare of British accent, you can take CEIPLP, all Canadian context, i found it´s very close to Canadian life if you live in Canada.

don´t be afraid, no matter what we have to take language test if our first language is not English.
Beside it´s just general instead of academic.

departure bay
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Hi there: I didn´t find the reading section as hard as I found the listening section (strange since I only got an 8 in reading and I honestly don´t know where I could have gone wrong). For the listening section, the key is to pay attention to the instructions. For eg, if you are instructed to read Questions 1-6...then read questions 1-6. Don´t lose your focus. Because if you do, then it gets confusing while the tape is running and you won´t be able to get your thoughts in order. I found the listening section the most "stressful."

Don´t worry. The test is really easy. You just have to get the format down pat. I suggest you do all the practice tests before you do the test. You can find them all here

You´ll have to download winrar and follow the instructions listed on the site.

Good luck. I´m sure you´ll be fine. Just stay calm and relaxed during the entire test and you´ll do amazingly.

Best of luck

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Thank you very much dear Candice,i will do as you have suggested.
Also thanks Departure bay,actually i am not thinking to change the test,i already paid and registered for the test.
I wish you both the best of luck.

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