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Subject: Unfair
  I know some of you will react to this....

We applied for Labor Cert in the U.S. SEP 2003
Currently we are in the PERMANENT BACKLOG in the Texas Office ;-)

I recently got news from a couple of my friends ... on from NY .. one from LA that they got the Labor Certificatoins ,,,, they filed thru the new system .. the PERM ... they applied no more than a year ago ....

THAT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING .... one more reason why we have to get in Canada ..... immigration stuff here in the U.S. is borderline nuts .... and now they want to give illegals a chance ... nothing against them .... but hey a lot of people have legal papers too why not fix them first ...

Just my 2 cents worth

Jowsie Texan
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What is your point ? Sorry I am an idiot at times ...
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Don´t bother abt green card process, the only advantage I see of getting labor cleared is that you can apply for I-140 and get 3 yrs extn on H1B, everything else boils down to your priority date.
Now, how much strain is the effort to legalize illegal immigrants going to take on the already slow process of legal immigration is anybody´s guess....

Jowsie Texan, I felt what you said (in reply to: Unfair)
Maybe all US legal GC applicants should organize a protect as well.In this country, it is not about justice. It is about political correctness.
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