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Hi Hell (I know, but what´s in a name!)

Were you asked to go for medicals again? or just asked for PP once the BG Checks got over? It will be a pain - such a waste of time and money if one had to redo them.


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We were not asked to re-do medicals. In fact, nothing about it was even mentioned in passport requesting letter (I can only assume that it was extended). I think it´s a common thing for in-Canada applicants that they are not asked to do medicals again, because being in Canada (studying or working), people in most cases are covered by some medical insurances, so the deseases will be diagnosted and cured.
I might be wrong, but I think it´s logical explanation.
CAIPs (recieved after passports were sent to Buffalo) however shows zero for medical decision and final decision and medical validity is Sept. 2005.

And intrestingly, PPR letter came the same day as e-CAS changed: "medicals have been received"


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