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Subject: what after 'decision made'
2 weeks ago my e-cas changes into ´decision made´ on permenent residece application ( I am sponsored by my husbnad. He is in canada now and I am in POland). Does anyone know how much longer I have to wait for any news from embassy???
They wrote that they will contact me about the decision but how much longer I can wait???
they are not responding on my e-mails or calls.
Please if anyone can help me, tell me what is the process after ´decison made´ or had same situation I will be much appriciade.
Thanks for everything


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You have to wait as long as you have to wait...
Who do you think you are talking to here? Your Immigration Officer?
Just stop asking annoying questions nobody can answer...

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Thanks Gav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew I can meet great and friendly people like you here!!!
I thought this forum sukcs until I checked....it´s great!!

love to everyone

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Hi Paulina,
I think ur case is almost done. So u dont need to worry for any thing. You will get ur passport back within two weaks.



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thanks Raman, but they didn´t request form my passport yet. I think in Poland they are making decision and sending you letter with passport request and you have to go to the canadian embassy to get your visa...they say better not to send it.
that´s why I worry why they are not contacting me.
have all a great Easter weekend!

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