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Subject: Spouse Application and Work Ex. Degree Queries (Pl
  Hi All,

I am in US and applying for Canada Immigration as a principal applicant. I am ready with my documents but my husband does not have all the docs ready to go for.

So is it possible that I apply for immigration now and when his documsnts are ready I will send his. Will adding him later slows down my process OR should I apply only when i get his documents.

Second Query:

I do not have marksheet transcripts available so can I send the notorized copies of marksheet, degree and work experience certificates. This is very important, please let me know your experiences on this.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Richa,

You can send notorized copies of your marksheets and degree BUT the experience certificates MUST be original.

What documents is your husband waiting for? As you are the principal applicant the most important documents that you need from your husband is his educational certificates as you can get upto 5 additional points. So if you have the notarized copies of your husbands educational certificates you can send your application.

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