Frustrated with Canada's immigration system?

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Subject: Frustrated with Canada's immigration system?
  Hi All,

I am leaving my email address because I would like to hear from people who believe they have seriously been wronged by the Canada immigration system.

I am part of a group of disgruntled Canadians sponsoring their spouses and dealing with Immigration Canada. We will soon be approaching CTV´s WFive investigative television program. For those who follow the program, WFive has been on a rant against Immigration Canada in the past few months. They have aired two different exposes about problems with the department.

You can read the transcripts of WFive at the two websites posted below. Although the topics are quite different than sponsoring a spouse, they reveal how mismanaged and corrupt this government department is.



If you are unhappy with the way the Canadian Embassy in Havana is handling your case and can back it up with paperwork, please email me at:


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George huh. That´s a very professional email address.
I would question anyone who is doing ´investigative´ reporting through a forum site.

Do not blindly just email someone with your problems people. Who is "George" really? If W-5 really wanted to investigate the situation as described, their methods would not begin with emails from people to a address.

George, if you are truly interested in correcting a problem i applaud you, but you are asking people who´s very immigration may be on the line to write to an email address with these problems. There are other routes to gain ´immigration stories´. How do people truly know what you will do with their immigration situations. Do you have W-5´s assurances that any stories you bring to them will be used at all? Do you think legally they can just use an email for their report? NO,it would mean that these people would have to have their names and faces involved.

Think carefully before you choose to email your immigration story to an unknown address.

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
Why so suspicious? (in reply to: Frustrated with Canada's immigration system?)
If searching for people on various forums for immigration stories similar to mine is being "immature", I´m curious how else you would recommend finding people?

I am also curious about why you would be so suspicious about my attempt to bring attention to major problems with the Canadian government.

There is no guarantee that WFive will accept my story proposal, you are correct. However if I approach them with numerous different stories about the unprofessionalism and mismanagement of Immigration Canada, the chances of them investigating will increase.

My background is in journalism, so I plan to speak with people about their stories and compile information in a thorough and in-depth package to take to WFive and other media outlets.

I created a Yahoo account for my research to maintain some anonymity until I am sure that the people I am speaking to are genuine. The Yahoo account is for my safety and anonymity as well.

I will reveal my identity to people I believe are genuine and don´t expect people to offer their personal information without first knowing who I am.

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George or whomever you are,

Please re-read my previous note Mr-Background-In-Journalism, and notice that i not once mention you were immature. I´m not sure why you are worried about your safety and anonymity yet you want others to offer their stories and personal experiences...seems a little lopsided don´t you think?

I´m glad you´ll ´reveal´ your identity only after YOU determine if these people are genuine. How will you know if they are genuine, if they don´t tell you the whole truth about who they are, and then, how will they know they can trust you with their information if they don´t know who you are?????HUMMMMMMM>.......seems like a catch22 hum?

I think a genuine person with a ´background in journalism´ would seek other methods to attain the same type of information without seeking them on forums.

I think you have a hidden agenda, and you are not genuine.

Beware is all i would say to anyone who feels like confiding in a stranger with a Yahoo address. It´s like confiding in a priest except the confessional is at aMcDonalds bathroom (stall #2..shhh...)

my last thought on this.

waiting and waiting

Waiting and Waiting
Sorry (in reply to: Frustrated with Canada's immigration system?)
I didn´t post to argue and debate, so I will not be responding to you anymore.

My post is genuine and I hope people will share their stories. If we can bring attention to how mismanaged Immigration Canada is, we might be able to work towards change.

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