What is the "Option C Printout"

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Subject: What is the "Option C Printout"
Is it the normal "Notice of Assessment" Canada Revenue Agency has already sent me, or is it a special, different type of docuemnt?
Option C (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
its the CRA assessment.
call the numbet in the guid and ask them to send it to you.
if you never did your taxes in canada they would not have it for you.
you must have a good reason for not doing your taxes. (not being a PR last year or not have lived in canada after the age of 18).
anyway, it takes about 10 days to get it and its free

good luck


Why do they call it "Option C"? (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
I have done done my taxes and do have a "Notice of Assessment T451 E(06)" from the CRA.

What I don´t understand is the "Option C" wording. On the "Notice of Assessment" I have, for the 2005 tax year, it does not say "Option C" anywhere.

Is the "Option C Printout Notice of Assessment" required by Immigration different or the same as the CRA Notice of Assessment I already have?

I don´t want to wait another 10 days for the same CRA Notice of Assessment I already have. Everything else is ready to go, I just want to clarify that I have the right Notice of Assessment.

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option c is not automatically sent to you therefore unless you have requested it already , it is highly doubtful that what you currently have is the option c ..

How is it different? (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
So immigration will not accept the CRA Notice of Assesment I already have? What is so special and different about the "Option C Printout"?
an “Option-C Printout” is not a "Notice of Assesment" (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
I found this on a different forum: "It is a tax assessment from all walks of government and financial life. Option-C is like a transcript, that would document your income tax, EI, CPP/QPP, CCTB, student loans, Old Age Pension, social assistance if any taken and the list continues. It reflects an individual´s marital status as of that tax year, name, DOB, SIN and address with Canada Revenue Agency. CIC asks for such ones because it is more efficient and effective way to figure out financial standing pursuant to federal regulation of an individual."
CRA shock (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
Option C is the cose for the CRA agent. If they ar enew they may be shocked you know what it is. if they have expirience, they will know what it is allabout.
option C includes your annual income and tax pais, also any benefits you may have received.


option c print out (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
hey guys
someone please help me, I juss want to know if I can order the option c printout online ?

lost T451 E (05) (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
need a copy of my T451 E (05) or (06) if it´s ready.
Please advise how to get one

Catherine Rosemary Flynn
Walk into your local Revenus Canada Office (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
I landed up calling Revenue Canada to find out what an option C was and was told to walk into my local Revenue Canada office. It was just a simple generic version of my tax assesment, printed as I waited on regular paper.

I sent it in along with the normal assesment notice to immigrantion. Once my application for Sponsorship was approved, they sent it back to me. To me this implies that any old Revenue Canada Assesment is fine, as it did not indicate anywhere on the paper that this was an "option C" printout.

I too have in the same situation option C (in reply to: What is the "Option C Printout")
I ahve my notice of assestment for 2011 personal tax
and a print out from My business between the two it totals over the amount they require for sponsorship
would they take this as a source of revenue enough tp pass my sponsorship application