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Subject: To -- boloxis,sharon.anonynd all Expert..
  hey guys,

my fle was rejected because i dont have a 1yr full times experiece.

I shown 3yrs of part work expe. and they gave me only 9 months of

creadit. and same as in my friends case who applied with me he got

also 3ys part time exp. and he got 16 moths of creadit.

As in my case i was doing 2 degrees one part time nd 1 full

time..may be they guys tell me what should i do...

plz tell me story or any thing else so that i can reaply or do

anything else..

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one more thing if i will get a new letter of exp. from my employer and say to CIC that before it was mistake and now they are right..then they believe on me or not..

guide me

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Hiya Alex,

a. Go to a language course and improve your English,
b. Work some more time so that you have some experience,
c. if you are keen enough, apply later and wait for amother two years,
d. my suggestion canada is a beautiful country but that doesnt mean everyone is going to have a great life there better try surviving in your own country....

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