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Subject: E-CAS reply from Buff
  Hope person posted this info will not mind if I repost it again for the sake of others. Her e-cas dissappeared a couple of days ago.

There is reply from CIC, I got today as the reply on our yesterday?s e-mail(might be useful):
Immigration cases being processed in Visa offices outside Canada use a system different from that used to process similar applications in Canada. As a result, e-CAS does not reflect the status of cases being processed in Buffalo.

Thanks Hell(en)

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This make sense, you see from initial apply to PPR,
the only changed might be from" we start to process"
to "medical received"

departure bay
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Hey Olga,

IF they have posted PPs on April 18th, then U will have them today or by monday at the max...so take a chill pill :))..congrats in advance!

My Ecas did not change yet..no update in tracking status
:(( :((. Did it show the same for you (tracking?)??

Do keep us updated.


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Hi Sandeep!

Finally you asked me a question that I could answer positively.
an hour ago out tracking number showed up on the Canada Post site. It stated Item is out for delivery. 20 minutes later I could hold the letter in my hands. So I have happy ending at last as you will have too very-very soon.
I would not tell you what is inside the envelope, you will find out by yourself:)))))) But believe me I´m satisfied.
Wish the best to you.
We will probably land tomorrow when we find out where we can do that. I will post dates on vizas at the another thread.

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