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Subject: Landing in Canada!
  I am in a situation where I can not land in Canada for 2 years.
Let me tell you alittle bit about my immigration status to Canada.The CIC has approved my application for Permanent Residency and asked for medical exam which will be provided soon!

My problem is like I said I have to stay in the country that I am in for two years (I can not leave it to land in Canada).
How can I delay the process of obtaining Canadian visa at this time or how I can do the landing without entering the Canada?

I understand that if the visa issued you have 6 months to get in the country otherwise it is void.

It would be kindly appreciated if you could address this question.
Thank you.

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Joy Durga. Very Difficult question. Ask CIC.
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Anonymous[**.249.33.23] aren´t you Khan ??? what are you doing here !!
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What the fuck you were doing when you submitted your application ? Where was your brain ??? and why have you been keeping CIC busy and keeping another guy who needs PR in Canada out of this selection?

If I were the officals in CIC I would ban you from entering Canada forever....

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Go get a life will you [**.100.153.150]Anonymous!! All you do is start on people, Bezzy asked a simple question and of course you have a problem with it. What´s a forum for ...duhh to ask questions!!![**.100.153.150]Anonymous

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