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Subject: question for Cheri
You answered a few questions for me before and I had a few more.
In the topic "Us to Canada" last week.

1. Do you work for immigration or did you at one time?

2. If my wife is visiting in Canada and we apply for her PR we were told we could send it to Buffalo and apply as if we were in the US or we could send it to Alberta and apply as in Canada. Thye said both options are open if we are in Canada and already being in Canada will not affect her ability to apply through Buffalo.

3. I was told we would have to get a "visitors record" at the boarder after she applys for the PR so she can still stay in Canada and even travel back to the US and re enter canada with the "Visitors record "letter as proof that we are in the process of getting her PR status

Do you have any info on the order of this process?

Thanks for all of your help so far.


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