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Subject: time needed from Delhi
I applied in Feb 2005 got my file acceptance letter in April 2005 from Delhi. They said they were processing applications that were submitted 39 months back. What do I understand from this statement. That I have 39 months before they look at my application or 39 months before I get a visa stamp. I want this information to help me plan forward.

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The present time lime for IA go far beyond, your application will be processing after 60 months from Delhi.
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i believe that is 39 months for the entire process
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nothing can b pridicted fromn new delhi . i m affraid which kind of yard stick new delhi is using i m also fed up with thhe waiting waiting since may 2002 dear
so keep kool n watch only after 2010
any way good luck to u

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You will get IA in 39 months, I will add 4 months to it. After that another 12 months to complete the process. I normally takes between 4-6 year from Delhi now.

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Hi Hotobhaga, we pretty much share the same timeline.. i also got IA from New Delhi in feb 2005... im afraid we are in for a long wait till around 2009-2010 atleast... reply back if u wanna keep in touch......
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