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Subject: working while you wait
Hi there
I was just wondering if my partner who is awaiting his permanent residence status (and living in the UK) can move to Canada and work in Canada while the application is being processed? Does it all need to be done and dusted before he can work full time?

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No, he cannot work without a work permit. A work permit is very hard to obtain as an employer would need to get HRSDC approval.. this means the employer must prove that the job cannot be filled by a Canadian.

Yep.. he´ll have to wait til its done and dusted. =)

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In fact, HRSDC LMO´s aren´t that hard to obtain, at least in Alberta, got mine in 7 weeks, of course it will depend of what kind of job you are intending to take, trades people are in high demand over here. Have a look at Hope it helps.


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