I have a canadian wife, how long to get into ca

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Subject: I have a canadian wife, how long to get into ca
  as the title says, im from n.i. (uk) and have been happily married to a canadian for nearly 4 years, when she has finished her degree were going to move to toronto and i was wondering how long it takes when your married to a canadian, anyone out there similar boat and do i have the same points test to take etc,


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if your spouse is a canadian citizen, she can sponsor you under the spousal category therefore points are Not a consideration..you don´t need any ..

The process for her to sponsor you while you are living abroad is approx 3 to 5 months

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I have just gone through this and will let you know that it is pretty easy really.
I will recommend that you complete the application (sponsored application) from the UK and as soon as possible. You will need to have a police background check and a medical before you can come over so get those done or at least organised as soon as you can. Once you have your medical you have 12 months from that date to get over here so bear that in mind too.
Follow the process it is long winded and complicated in parts (forms to fill out etc) but if you give them what they ask for there should be no problems.
Save.... save as much as you can. It can cost a bit to get over here, ship your stuff etc and money always helps every problem. Plus the pound goes a long way over here so bring as much as you can.
Once you are here there are a whole load of other things to sort out too like social security, health care and driving licence (you can not get insurance on a car with a UK driving licence so will need to get that changed over as soon as you can). If you need any assistance or help let me know. I know how frustrating this can all be and if I can help I will. I wish someone had offered us some help at points.

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you need to decide if you will be sponsored inland or outside Canada. Inland is an option if you get clearance to visit (up to 6 months), however, you must maintain legal status while in Canada, and it is advised you do not leave Canada during the PR process. Inland takes 12-15 months for approval; also you cannot work until you reach the Approved in Principle´ stage which takes 7-8 months.

My suggestion is outside processing. It is much faster!!

Best of luck to you.

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Thanks guys, it wont be happening for at least another year, just wanted to get a heads up on what?s required as reading other peoples attempts at getting in on there own merit it would appear to be a real ball breaking experience, i hope by the time we move and sell our house we should have a few bob to help get started.

Simon if you don?t mind me asking are you from the uk and what is your impressions of moving and living in Canada, was it worth it, if you could turn back the clock would you? I spoke to a few people out there who had immigrated, they where mainly taxi drivers (1 used to be a nuclear physicist in India!!) and they all regretted it immensely; I come from a white middle class background in engineering so I?m hoping I can grab something other than burger flipping lol. Again thanks for all your replies guys.

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