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Subject: Notarizing?
  None of my past employers offer employment contracts, let alone notarized ones, so I am writing an explanation and providing alternative documentation. Is it necessary to notarize the following document copies:
1. Birth Certificates
2. passport photo page
3. identity card
4. letters from employers attesting to language proficieny at work
5. Pay stubs
6. Anything else?

If so, where does one get items notarized? Is there a cost? WHAT A PAIN!

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Photocopies need to be notarized, originals don´t need. Document photocopies need to be notarized on the same country where they were issued. You do not need to provide employment contracts nor pay stubs if you can get Employment letters from your previous immediate supervisors on their respective company letterhead papers. If your previous supervisors cannot write on a company letterhead paper (changed jobs, retired), get employment certificates together with the letters.
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Thank for the advice, Boloxis--Thats a big help. Do you know the answer to these questions:
Where do I get my copies notarized? What is the cost? For example, if I want my birth certificate copy notarized, do I take my original birth certificate and the copy to a notary? I´ve never had anything notarized--how does it work?

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If you are in Canada, you can go to your embassy or consulate for notorize your copy of documents.
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I am in the US - Wisconsin. Is notarizing offered at banks? Post offices?
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Banks are good place to get a notary to do this for you.
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Carie, Bob is just kidding, you cannot get it from banks. Documents can only be notarized by Lawyers, so you need to look for a Lawyer that is a Public Notary or a Public Lawyer. If the document is issued in some other country besides the US, you can only notarize their respective photocopies in either a Notary Public of that country or that country´s local embassy in the US.

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I am also from Wisconsin and HAVE had papers notorized at a bank.

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