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Subject: visitor visa to help
My wife is expecting to deliver 2nd week of July and she needs to bring her mom on a visitor visa from Pakistan to help her for a month. What are the chances that she can get a visa. I read the cic website for documents needed to submit, are there any important documents other than mentioned do I have to attach?


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well as shes expecting u can attach the doctors statement showing that ur wife is preggo n her edd that shud help they mostly dont deny in a situation like this. my wife is also expecting n her edd is soon n she didnt have any problems calling her mother from pakistan. hope this helps
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make sure the mother shows significant ties to her home country so that cic will be convinced that your wife´s mother will return once the visitor visa is expired ..

things like - being married and living with her husband and family, bank accounts with $$$, a job to come back to all show that she has responsibilities and ties she needs to maintain back home and will return once the visa is expired

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