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Subject: landing question?
  Hi All,

I recieved my passport today with immigration visa stamped currently I am in USA and planning to visit Canada shortly.
My question is for proof of funds $10,000(USD) is enough and I am thinking of returning the next day back to US as I have to report to work does anyone see a problem with that?
Other then passport and proof of funds what else do I need to carry?
Do I have to fill out any forms?

Please advice, thanks in advance.

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goods to follow list
goods you are carrying

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These 2 from are for declaring the things you will taking along with you, what I ment was are there any forms to fill out for the immigration process itself (landing).
I mean along with the passport do they expect to see any kind of forms from me other them proof of funds.

anyone please reply.

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No problem in returning the next day. Many people have even returned the same day. The Canadian immigration officer (IO) could ask you some questions....but as long as you have your reasons you are fine.

Apart from your passport,COPR, address in canada and funds.You dont need anything else. You can carry an extra pair of photos just in case the IO tells you that the photos dont meet stds.

For your PR card they (CIC) uses the photo from the COPR.

To save time in applying for SIN card you can use this:

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