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Subject: Schedule 1 - personal History section
  My applications for Skilled worker class has been returned back with a note & yellow underline saying ´Provide more information for Personal History. For date gap more than 6 months please give explanation´.

I had a long list of personal history - I explained everything including all vacations. So, those 5 lines were not enough in the form and I attached a extra paper. But I did not mentioned like ´See attachment..´. Do you think because of this my application was returned??

Could any one give an example how to write in this section.. Thanks.

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if you explained everything and did not leave any gaps then it is possible that the IO just made a mistake and overlooked that extra attachment - check and make sure you did not leave any gaps and everything was clear and then send the application back with a note indicating that there is an extra sheet attached with all of your personal history - perhaps put this section of the application ontop along with your note and perhaps use a yellow sticky note or yellow underline / highlight so that the officer does not miss it this time. good luck!
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oh and i have heard of officers returning applications saying that a form is missing however it just turns out that the form or document was actually included but the officer just didn´t look carefully and missed it .. thia could be the same in your case ..
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