Is this a good sign?

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Subject: Is this a good sign?

about a month and a half ago I had an interview at the embassy in Mexico City. During the interview, the officer gave me back most of the supporting documents; phone bills, letters, pictures, etc.. and asked me to submit the police clearances.
Is it a good thing the they gave me back these supporting documents?

I am also a little concerned because in mexico in order to obtain the police clearance, i must have done the military service. I have not done it. I explained this to the officer and she said they would run their own background check. Does this mean that the process might take a bit longer?

thank you so much for your answers.

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returning supporting documents is NOT a bad sign ..

some people receive their supporting documents back when the passport is returned to them ..

it is normal procedure to submit a police clearance and / or for cic to do background checks therefore it is not a matter of taking ´longer´ since it is regular procedure - whatever timeline cic provides for mexico should be applicable to majority of cases in your category.

now of course if something irregular or unusual comes up in a background check, that will delay or prolong the case ..

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