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  I sent finger prints to FBI on USPS priority mail. It´s already 8 days, but the usps tracking still does not show that it is delivered.

Called fbi, they said, they can not verify if they have received. Also called usps, they said, they can do verify only after 14 days. Is this usual with USPS? what should I do? do I need to trust them or get finger prints again using fedex this time?

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USPS Priority mail takes 2-3 business days within the USA. If it has been 8 days, FBI probably already has it.

Try e-mailing Brenda at the FBI. She is very good about replying to e-mails and giving valuable information. Explain your situation and concerns... she would be best able to direct you.

FBI email address: mih@leo.gov

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The same thing has just happened to me. At the post office, I said I needed confirmation of receipt, and they said it would be accepted by the FBI two days later. After two days when it wasn´t there, I called USPS to ask about this, they said that the two days I was quoted was only when it COULD arrive, but that it could take up to 14 days and if it doesn´t arrive after 14 days, it would be considered lost! If I had known it would take 14 days, I would have requested a different way to send it. Time is such an issue with this whole process it is so frustrating! I think i will take the above advice and email the FBI, but it will probably be there after 14 days.
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Carie.. I agree that looking for another means of mailing would be the thing to do.

If I use the USPS I always send Express overnight. Granted it costs $14.40 flat rate, but the peace of mind is worth it.

On a side note, do not send anything of importance to Canada via USPS as they cannot track anything past the Canadian border. I learned my lesson on this one.

Use Fed Ex or UPS.

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I just emailed the address above (mih@leo.gov) and Cheri was right, she was extremely helpful! Thank you Cheri. Even though USPS still has not updated my tracking confirmation information, Brenda at the FBI said that my letter was received two days after I sent it, as USPS predicted, but that it hadn´t been opened yet. It is now being processes and I feel a whole lot better knowing it was received!
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