should I go to talk to my MP

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Subject: should I go to talk to my MP
  since I have the worst timeline here,
Applied Nov 2004.
Aor March 2005
No IA!

Post-graduated work permit, unionlized job.
pay 22% income tax in Canada!

and most of people got IA already.
I even have job offer. Still no IA for a while. Buffalo refused to let me know my status.

How should I talk to local MP in order to let him to inquiry about my case?

Should I just go to his local office and book an appointment?

What should I say to MP, I believe my local MP is in Ottawa right now.

departure bay
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it will probably be the assistant to your MP that will talk to you in the first round of discussions. tell them what has happened to date. They are not God or the queen. talk politely, tell the the facts, ask if they can help you understand why you do not have answers.
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Hey Dep, I thought they lost some of your docs, what happened to that?
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Ok, when I initially applied back in Nov 2004, UBC mailed my CELPIP socres at that time already, and then Jan 06, I got language letter. UBC sent again on March 20, 06.
Buffalo replied saying that they never got it.

On March 27, UBC sent my socres in commercial Express mail for the third time.

I email Buffalo, they refused to let me know if they received or not, refused to comment on status.

That´s why I have to go thru MP.

Nobody has even worst timeline than me, you see, people applied later than me have already got PPR.
Me, no IA, nothing. I am even working full-time with full benefit.


departure bay
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Well Departure for the first time i am really sorry for your case, even I applied later than you and got it, and landed, mmm man I guess they have lost your file, .. or somethingl ike that...

Forget talking to MP, they have no power believe me, just keep on sending letters to the center where you have submitted your file and tell them your history, ...

By the way have you ordered Caips ? who knows , you might learn something new about your papers...

Good Luck

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I ordered last month.
I have PSDEC 1, BDEC 1, sec crim 1.


BF´d to ROL on 18-16-2006.

no ia, U KNOW what, if I screwed up something, or lost document, why not just reject me???

just keep waiting.

departure bay
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in this case DB, I think it is worth talking to your MP. you are in Canada, you are waiting and waiting. The worst that can happen is nothing! but at least you tried and they know who you are. It is a small community - I would give it a try.
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get your MP involved !
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I agree with hermionee!
Talk to your MP. They can call directly to your IO and will find out exactly what the problem is and help you with forms. Their faxes go directly to the IO.

Trust me. Ours was so excellent, and we´re finished this 2 year nightmare! We´d not added something, and the MP managed to get us corrected and moving forward again. For me, we tried the fax/mail/phone method, and that was useless.
Just remember though...through experience...when Buffalo gets the calls, they will lie through their teeth! That´s why having your MP on their tails will get things done through continual followup.

Good luck

waiting and waiting (now finally done)

waiting and waiting
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as you are not a PR or Citizen, your only a visitor so you don´t really have an MP. I don´t think they will do much as he is not really your MP!
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