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Subject: Time-finalize a decision
  Hi-I applied as a Skilled worker class through buffalo ny in august 2003. Received my file number in October, 2003. I heard again from buffalo in July 26, 2004 with a request for medical and security clearance among other things. I sent the info by Oct. 6, 2004. How long will it take from this point for the officer to finalize a decision?

Are immigration workers in bufflo NY on strike also??

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there is nobody on strike at the moment, and out of country immigration officers would not be affected if they were.
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Yes, there is a strike going on. You can check the status in the following link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.html

Contrary to what Sharon thinks, I believe the strike affects the whole process. For example, we all know that medical results are sent to Otawa. If those in Otawa are on strike they will not process the medicals as expeditiously as if there was not strike. Even CIC in its web site admits there will be delays in some of its services.

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So is there a delay or not? Usually when there is no strike how long does it take to get a final answer after sending the medical and clearance?
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John :

there is a strike and there are delays.

I have been waiting for 7 months since medicals and FBI have been submitted, that is my experience... I´m sorry I don´t have a definite answer to your question.

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hi ozz.
where did u apply, inside or outside canada...and what country

joh 4 ozz
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what can i do to live and work in cannada


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